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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Bronx - "The Bronx II" (Swami Records, 2006) [key tracks: Three Dead Sisters, History's Stranglers]
"L.A. lady, you always look so uninspired when you're hanging around... living with creeps and loving with liars. And everyone knows it's true, that all you're ever gonna be is entertainment, so entertain me..."
If I was going to make a list of the albums I most wanted on vinyl, which either do not or I cannot confirm exist in record format, it would look like this;
25. Bright Eyes "Fevers and Mirrors"
24. Camarosmith "s/t"
23. The Haunted "The Dead Eye"
22. Butthole Surfers "Independant Worm Saloon"
21. Polyphonic Spree "Begining Stages of the Polyphonic Spree"
20. Frank Black "Honeycomb"
19. Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments "Straight to Video"
18. Vengeance Rising "Once Dead"
17. Trouble "Manic Frustration"
16. Anthrax "Sound of White Noise"
15. Fireball Ministry "Their Rock is Not Our Rock"
14. Atreyu "A Deathgrip on Yesterday"
13. Chiodos "All's Well That Ends Well"
12. The Lost Dogs "Scenic Routes"
11. Melvins "A Senile Animal"
10. Ministry "Psalm 69"
9. King's X "Dogman"
8. Dead Milkmen "Soul Rotation"
7. Swirling Eddies "Outdoor Elvis"
6. Deadboy and the Elephant Men "We Are Night Sky"
5. The Crucified "Pillars of Humanity"
4. Burn Witch Burn "s/t"
3. Neko Case "Fox Confessor Brings the Flood"
2. Adam Again "Dig"
1. Scaterd Few "Sin Disease"
The Bronx is one of those rare bands that comes from nowhere and becomes a gem in your collection. And because you have no pre-conceived hopes or expectations, you have no recourse but to be blown away. Like most objects that deserve cult-like following, I was turned onto this by a devotee... a cool dude that works at Drastic Plastic over in Omaha. He played a track, and at the time I thought "that is pretty cool." He also played some other stuff, Boris and something else, so my palate was washed pretty clean. Then I got home and popped this on... wow! Its like a breath of fresh air and a punch in the nose at the same time. Take the energy and garage attitude of any band making a scene in this century... and then amp it up a million times over. This is what Red Bull sounds like. The Bronx, proudly hailing from Hollywood, kick rock and roll square in the teeth. Full of attitude and pure rock and roll riffage, there is no way to categorize what this band is doing or sounding like. Stoner? No, its too upbeat. Metal? No, it's too structured. Punk? "F**k that." No, The Bronx is a new creature that sounds very familiar... like a cross between McLusky, the Ramones, Jet, and AC/DC all wrapped up, spoiled rotten, and living on Island Records' cash. They leave it all on the stage, and that somehow comes through on the LP. I would be shocked if even the most casual rock fan couldn't find at least one song that would burn up their iPod... great stuff, and I can't wait for their next LP... and at the rate they work (and milk the label), it will be a while. Let's hope they tour through the Midwest sooner or later...
Not much to say today. I have a toxicology test tomorrow AM. Actually, it's a midterm. It was postponed from lst week when we had the Blizzard of '07 (pronounced "ought seven," thank you). I am sort of ready for it... which may sound odd since I have had an extra week to prepare. The truth is, I let it ride since last Thursday, so I need to do some refreshing. Thus, the 12:30 AM blogging session... me and my distractions. Go figure. So wish me luck, and enjoy whatever it is you do on your Spring Breaks... oh wait, most of you are adults and don't get those anymore. Believe it or not, I am jealous...
Horns up!


Matt said...

Carl, after seeing your record collection today it is both impressive and staggering. Been listen to the Stripes. Have to hook me up with some of that.

Matt said...

I was listening to the radio yesturday and they were talking about the top 200 albums of all time ( according to some survey). They had people call in to guess the top five. I got three of the top five.

What would your top ten albums of all time be?

BTW the three I guessed

Joshua Tree
Zep IV
Sgt Peppers (People had already guessed some other Beetles albums0