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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Guilt has got the best of me... despite posting 2 records in 2 days, starting a new top 50 countdown, and being a pretty swell dude all around, I am still feeling horribly guilty for insinuating that anyone other than Neko Case is my dream girl. Sorry Gap girl, as molten hot as you are dancing about in your khakis, the title of fantasy girl can only belong to one. Try not to take it too hard. I only wish I was seeing Neko on April 3rd in Lincoln, NE... why do I miss every awesome show?! So friends of the site, feast your eyes upon Neko and prepare for a killer record to be posted either late tonight or tomorrow afternoon. And if you have been negligent in reading, look below and try to catch up. A lot of great records and some insights into Carl Smith await. Dig it? Horns up!

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jes said...

so i'm kind of out of the loop on the whole tv thing...i feel like i'm missing something when i don't know the current gap commercials. what can i say, i live a sheltered life;)